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Street style | inspiration

Hey guys !

I am currently on holiday in Poland so I have been very busy..enjoying myself. For time being I will show you some of the inspirations for my outfits. I love searching through pictures of street styles. I've always loved minimalistic styles, however I have a soft spot for bold patterns.
P.s. As I am on holiday I will try to post (still) some of the outfits of the day - not sure if I will post a look a day but I will put up series of outfits like I did with my previous one.


My boyfriend does my makeup video !

Hey guys!
This is another video of mine. I begged my boyfriend to make a video with me for a long time and he finally said yes! I decided to film 'boyfriend does my make up' simply because there isnt that much talking but you can see how we really are. Sometimes we forgot that the camera was on!

Hope you enjoy this random video and PLEASE subscribe to this channel for more videos.



Hey guys!

This is my outfit of the night, I decided to go with all black. I am in love with the black cut out dress that I got from TOPSHOP (closer look on my lookbook). It's cut in all the right places, the length of the dress is just right and the material makes the dress look and feel expensive. I decided to put a layer over the dress to show off some textures in my outfit. The cardigan makes the outfit more casual but still out there and the fringe makes it look really summery (festival inspired). To add more grunge to the outfit I chucked on some Dr. Martens to complete the look. For accessories I'm just wearing my gold watch from Marc Jacobs and my new animal skull necklace from Zara !

Here's the look :


Dress | TOPSHOP SALE | from £68.00 to £5.00 ! ( barging)
Cardigan | TOPSHOP | £30.00
Shoes | DR. MARTENS | £89.00
Necklace | ZARA | £3.99


Hey guys!

This post is dedicated to my current favourite nail polishes that I have been loving this summer. I am obsessed when it comes to nail polish and I am a huge fan of Revlon and Barry M... And many more of course. However this summer I have been switching between these two nail polishes.

Revlon : 990 One perfect Coral | (£6.49) | is just what it says on the bottle, the polish in the bottle is true to when you paint your nails. Sometimes when I purchase a nail polish the colour slightly changes when it dries, this is why I love this Revlon nail polish the colour stays true.

Barry M : 272 shocking pink | (£2.99) | I just LOVE this nail polish ! It looks stunning on my nails against my summer tan, I think it actually makes you look more tanned! It's this perfect coral hot pink that I've been searching for ages. I have a very similar pink nail polish from OPI but it has shimmer in it that I don't particularly like. I am a huge fan of Barry M the prices (£2.99!) are amazing for the nail polish quality and the range of colours they provide.






Holiday Outfits.

Hey guys !

I recently went on a family holiday to Cornwall and I decided to take some photographs of my daily outfits. I really wanted to update every outfit each day but I had no wifi !
 So here are some of the outfits:


What I wore for the 4 hour car journey !
Jumpsuit: Topshop
Shoes: River Island
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Top: Zara
Skorts: Zara
Shoes: River Island


 Beautiful Sun Set.
Vest top: Topshop
Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Skorts: Zara
Bag: Topshop
Necklace: H&M

 Summer dress.

Dress: H&M
Shoes: River island
Watch: Marc Jacobs

Skirt: Topshop
Top: Topshop
Shoes: River Island
Sunglasses: From Cornwall :) 

Huge trend !

Hey guys!

Skorts are probably the biggest trend right now. Personally I absolutely love and live in them 24/7. I was on the hunt for them for a LONG LONG time and finally I found my favourite pair from Zara. I own 2 pairs of skorts: White and Black. I simply couldn’t decide which one I liked better. I find that the white colour is much more summery as well as making the outfit more casual. On the other hand the black version makes the outfit seem more formal and more of a night time outfit. I love them both equally and am getting my moneys worth.
As I said, I was looking for a pair for a long time and I came across a lot of shops such as SHEINSIDE however, on one day out I found them in Zara for £25.00 and automatically bought them.
If you are ordering from Zara ONLINE make sure to order a size smaller than you usually are, these shorts are really generous and they come out quite big. I would say size XS is an 8 (S 10, M 12 and L 14).

Here are some of the different colours and styles of the skirts !
(Websites you can purchase them: www.sheinside.com www.zara.com)