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Hey guys!
This is what I wore yesterday !
You can check more looks on www.lookbook.nu

Top : H&M ( I dyed it pink )
Skirt: I made myself - chiffon skirt
Bag: leather pastel salmon bag
Watch : Black watch from New Look 
Necklace: Cross necklace from Topshop
Nail polish : Violet 104 from Topshop

Yankee candles !

Hey Guys!
 Yesterday i went out with my boyfriend and just because there was Clinton I really wanted buy myself a Yankee Candle. I really couldn't decide on which one i should pick and as they are quite pricey i really wanted to chose the one i like the most... I just couldn't. I loved 4 on the smells and i decided to buy myself 4 little flower shaped ones just to try it out and see what i think about it. Also i tend to change the smells in my room because i get bored of the same smell and that was the best way to try them all out and chose my favorite one. However the average size of the Yankee Candle costs £16.00 (it lasts for 110-150 hours) I wanted to try my favorites before buying a big jar.

Yankee Candles - £1.20 each (8 hours each)

Number 1 - strawberry buttercream ( Creme a lafraise) £1.20

 I cant get enough of this smell it actually smells like a strawberry butter cream and just because how it smells i wish i was able to eat it. Its very creamy and settle not so sweet like the rest of the candles really  nice and refreshing. 

Number 2 - Black Cherry (cerise noire) £1.20
 THIS is the best smell on earth I love love love it. I almost bought the massive jar for £18.00 but my boyfriend convinced me to get a sample of it and see if i actually like it so much. Thank god I did, this candle has a very strong sent of sweets such as haribo's. Its not a bad thing but because its so strong I would probably get bored of it pretty easily. 

 Number 3 - Pink Sands ( Sables roses)
This smells like something out of body shop/ lush . Its very refreshing and sweet but not sickly sweet like the black cherry. This is probably a winner when it comes to my favorite one - hands down. It is just so girly so fresh and it would very suit my room. I just love the way it makes my room smell i just dont want to leave my bedroom.

Number 4 - Cinnamon Stick (caton de cannelle)
There was no question about this candle as me and my boyfriend are completely obsessed when it comes to Cinnamon - everything with cinnamon has to be mine. The smell reminds me of Christmas Time. I truly love this sent but wouldn't buy it as a full big jar... well maybe for Christmas !


Pink studded waits coat sleeveless jeans top

Hey guys ! 

This is one of my pieces that I made. I used to be a Primark light-blue jeans long shirt that i never wore in my life. I decided to DYI it and make it more trendy. I saw tops like this one in shops like Topshop and Urban Outffitters but its not worth buying it for £50.00.
This will go on sale as soon as I finish making my Website the price for this top is £15.00.
You can chose your colour (green,purple,red,pink) and also sizes. 

If you are interested in buying one of these please inbox me or contact me on my twitter:

Price £15.00

Love ,
Klaudia x


Hey guys ! 
This is today's outfit as you probably know the weather in London has been horrific so you never know what the weather is going to be until midday. 
 Today I wore :

-My custom shirt that I did about 2 days ago . I dyed it pink, cut off the sleeves  and studded it.
-American Appareal leggins (black&mint)
-Vio Jeans white pumps
-Leather Bag from Topshop 
- And a Boyfriend Jeans Jacket 

Love ,


Blog Error !

Hey Guys, 

Sadly you won't be able to carry on with my other blog (www.littlebitofmoda.blogspot.com) as the website crushed last night and I am not able to post or look at my profile. Strangely enough my blog is still on internet.
  I will just carry on here and I decided along with my friend Lava to make a DIY on Tie Dye t-shirts tomorrow as i recently did some and you were asking how to do it. 
 So that's that. Again I am so sorry I was really upset when I realized that I have to start my blog ALL over again. I hope this doesn't ever happen to me again :) 

  Klaudia x